Online consultations for physiotherapy is an evidenced-based assessment and treatment method that is widely used in the private and public healthcare sectors and can be delivered through video or telephone consultation. .

Whilst it cannot replace all face-to-face hands on treatment, it is an effective and appropriate method of care for the majority of MSK conditions and assessment/ongoing treatment of these.

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what to expect

summits online physiotherapy

Summit physiotherapists already deliver virtual physiotherapy assessments and treatments (in line with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and NHS England recommendations) for private clients as well as insurance patients that have difficulties in attending face to face clinical appointments

As part of our planning and response to the coronavirus outbreak, our dedicated Online Physiotherapy Service Lead has devised a comprehensive training programme that has now been rolled out to cross-train all our physiotherapists to effectively deliver high quality Online care

The video call technology that we use allows our physiotherapists to:

Conduct a face to face assessment/treatment sessions digitally

Live stream appropriate exercise videos for the patient to replicate under expert supervision

Our preferred (and default) method of delivery is via our Zoom link video platform but our therapists are also set up to fall back to telephone consultations should this be patient preference.

Benefit to you

Online physiotherapy has been proven to deliver positive benefits to patients and comprises of:

Education and advice to manage and improve patient symptoms

Guided self-management and progression, including:

Exercise therapy and rehabilitation

Self-joint mobilisation techniques

Self-trigger point techniques and other soft-tissue treatment techniques

Functional/movement re-education strategies


Delivering Online physiotherapy as an interim alternative to face-to-face treatment will allow continuity of care for our patients, on-going screening for red/yellow flags and risk factors, prevention of symptom regression, provide ongoing support on how to manage symptoms flare ups, and promote positive outcomes

Frequency of sessions will (as always) be based on the clinical needs of individual patients and will be adapted based on the physiotherapists’ treatment planning. This will be tailored to the knowledge that patients will be receiving on line physiotherapy.

We do not anticipate a change to average session numbers overall.



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