So, you’ve seen the images of the Ironman challenge and seeing these people achieve so much has inspired you to take on the challenge yourself?  Who can blame you! The athletes who take part in these events are truly inspirational, given the difficulty of the event and the amount of training they need to put in to get to this stage.

Even if you’ve previously participated in triathlons, taking part in your first Ironman race takes your training to a whole new level to prepare for this grueling race. Furthermore, not only do you have to prepare before the race but you must prepare your mind and body for after the event.

Here at Summit Physio we take pride in caring, not only for your physical state, but also your mental state. That’s why we have put together this blog, advising you on the top 5 ways to recover from the Ironman Challenge.


Firstly, one of the best ways to recover is to rest. No matter who you are, your body can only take so much until your muscles need time to rebuild the gains. Simply, give your body the rest and time it needs and it will begin to recover. Never underestimate the power of rest.

Stretch/Cool down

Another one of the most effective, yet so simple, ways to recover from an intense challenge like the Ironman event is to simply cool down and stretch on a regular basis. You should be used to making this a priority in every single session anyway. Simply blasting into your 5km run without warming your muscles up will only result in disaster.

Eat well

Next, make sure you’re eating properly and only giving your body what it needs. Nutrition is key not only for fuel (carbs) but for the body to repair (protein). There is no point in signing up to an Ironman if you are not going to match your healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet.


I think we can all agree that a massage after an intense session feels amazing and unquestionably helps muscle pain. As health professionals we know a sports massage eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness therefore aiding recovery.

Listen to your body

Finally, this point can be linked to all the previous points. listen to and monitor your body. It is of utmost importance to keep an eye on certain metrics (resting heart rate, mood and fatigue level etc). If you’re having issues then it is important to change your routine and focus on getting this back to normal. This can be done by simply giving yourself an easier session or giving yourself an extra rest day.


None of the points above should be particularly new to you, but maybe the importance of them is. If you’re planning on taking part in the Ironman challenge, make sure you don’t just take one of these 5 points into consideration, but you integrate all of them into your routine after the Ironman challenge.

Here at Summit Physio we are all about going that extra mile for our clients, regardless of their ability and background. Not only do we help our clients recover but we also stick with them to prevent any future problems.

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