Here at Summit Physiotherapy, we understand that two minds can be better than one. We are incredibly blessed to work with some amazing people and companies. In this blog, we will be discussing our relationship with Limitless Triathlon Coaching and what they can offer you.

Who are Limitless Triathlon Coaching?

At Limitless, they believe passionately that with dedication, consistent hard work and their help you will improve as an athlete. Your development is their top priority. Limitless can offer invaluable first-hand knowledge and advice on training and competing. They know exactly what it’s like to be on that start line, to feel the pain and understand when to push harder. With coaches who have, and still are, competing at a high level, you will be able to tap into their experiences, knowing that they understand, as they’ve been there too.

Limitless are proud to call themselves a family. Of course, their primary focus is you as an athlete. However, they believe the foundations of all triathlon success is based on limitless family support and encouragement. They welcome all family members to the Limitless Family, an invite-only Facebook page, so everyone can feel involved and get to know each other. Limitless encourages their athletes to train together and families to meet up at races to show their support.

Limitless Triathlon Coaching

Limitless has two coaches; Joe Duckworth and Ian Roberts. They are passionate, dedicated, hardworking and are always happy to help you. They both have and still compete at a high level. You’ll be able to tap into their experiences, knowing that they understand the struggles and determination it takes to compete.



Summit & Limitless

As a physiotherapy company, you can imagine, we see members of Limitless on a fairly regular basis. We are their first choice when it comes to physiotherapy and we are always thrilled to help them out with their training. As official partners of the Bolton Marathon; Summit Physiotherapy have joined forces with Limitless Triathlon Coaching in order to put together a tailored marathon plan specifically for the Bolton Marathon and its entrants. It’s always a pleasure to work with Limitless and we look forward to seeing where our relationship takes us in the future.

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