Summit Physio would like to introduce everyone to the latest addition of our team, Aaron Brown. Aaron will be offering a Sports Massage service at our clinic on Saturdays (starting from the 18th March 2017). To make things even better his introductory rates are:
£20 for 30mins
£40 for 60mins

Aaron currently works as a Personal Trainer (Registered with REPs) and is also qualified in sports massage (registered with BASRaT). He is studying towards a degree in Sports Rehabilitation to further his career within a sporting environment. He is keen to resolve any problems and has a genuine passion for improving people’s quality of life.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a treatment that is gaining popularity with athletes and non-athletes alike due to the host of benefits which it provides. Regardless of ability, athletes will inevitably experience some sort of musculoskeletal problem or pick up a niggle somewhere along the way. This is due to the stresses placed on their body by their respective sport and may not always be preventable. Likewise, non-athletes are commonly exposed to tension, stress or fatigue (whether it be physically or mentally) as a result of their lifestyle or work habits. Again, these things may not always be avoidable and can have a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system over time.

How sports massage can help you:
Breaks down adhesions in the muscle. This allows the muscles to work more efficiently and increases their range of motion (or flexibility).
Increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow to improve overall muscle tissue health.
Helps to flush out the muscles of metabolic waste.
Stimulates the healing process.
Prepares the body for physical exercise (similar to the effects of a warm-up).

When received regularly, these benefits combined can help to reduce injury recovery time, improve athletic performance and alleviate pain associated with muscle soreness or stiffness.

When booking a sports massage, your individual needs will be taken into consideration and used to tailor the treatment. The massage techniques used are chosen based on your presenting condition, the local anatomy of the region and the desired outcome of the massage. Sports massage is typically a much deeper pressure than other massage treatments and so with that comes some degree of discomfort. Sports massages may also differ slightly between therapists. We will always discuss your concerns with you and work within your comfort range.

We hope to see you at Summit soon.

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